unspoken soliloquy

Submitted by FCM on Tue, 11/12/2019 - 20:44

figurately speaking, no mouth to speak of. speaking...
let me visualize something, no eyes to speak about, what can you see? only you me everything, nothing much nothing...
color me pink, yet what do I know of conceptions of pigment
fuck I know enough, i think, 
im losing my head on this one,
couldn't see that coming
yet I can hear it so loudly
still trying to visualize
I can try
hence I'm me right?
something smells fishy
I get a whiff of something that has a deep fragrance
my nose can't be possibly pointed up in the air
in fact, no one knows...
.. one nose
nosy business, knowledge 
 yea relative to what I know by all my senses
I'm coming to some things,
 yet my expressions are inconclusive
you can't possibly imagine how this can be
can you?
can you see where I'm coming from
can you hear where this is coming from
can you smell what I'm cooking
I swear I can almost taste it
yet still no mouth to speak of
from what I can subtract I can only add up to one conclusion...


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